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Robyn is available to speak on a variety of topics. Below is a list of workshops and classes that Robyn teaches or has taught on a regular basis.
Current list of upcoming workshops.


Creating Success in Relationships

Relationships don’t come with a “how to manual”.  Most of what we learn when it comes to relating is the dysfunctional examples and messages we receive from our parents, movies, books and TV.  We do not feel it is important to teach relationship skills but rather to have people muddle through their lives trying to fit in the pre-constructed box of ideal relationship.  For most of us who choose polyamory we have taken the first step beyond that box, but how do we find relationships that work.  In this workshop we will explore what really matters when it comes to having relationships that honor and support us.  We will challenge preconceived ideas of what it means to be successful in relationship and how to honor our own and our partners needs, wants and desires.


Loving More/Polyamory a History of the Relationship Revolution

Loving More has had its hand on the pulse of the polyamory movement for nearly 25 years. Though multi-partnered relating is nothing new, the honesty of polyamory and Loving More are. This will be an exploration of the history and future of Loving More and the polyamory movement looking at some of the older polyamory communities older the eighteen hundreds, the open love movement of the sixties, the Polyfidelity of the eighties to polyamory today. We will explore the rich history and diversity of this growing movement and how Loving More and all of us can move forward in uniting this diverse community to bring social change, equality and embrace relationship choice.


Diversity of Polyamory, Bridging the Gap and Coming Together as a Movement

Polyamorist are both unique and extremely diverse. Poly’s are a cross culture of ages, political beliefs, spiritual beliefs and socio-economic backgrounds. How does this diversity affect us both as individuals and as a movement? Can we bridge the gaps that separate us to both become more whole as individuals and as a community working to change the larger social picture? In this lecture/discussion we will examine the diversity that makes up the polyamory community across the country and the world. How different people approach polyamory uniquely and what our common ground is.

Beyond Monogamy – Introduction to polyamory and other open relationship choices

  • Introduces people to the various concepts of open relationships, polyamory, swinging, monogamy and choices we have in finding relationship styles that work for us as individuals. We will answer questions and concerns and give basic information on the different relationship styles and how they are practiced.

Loving More Than One: The reality of making non-monogamy work

Intensive class covering the rewards and challenges of open and polyamorous relationships. We will cover:

  • History and misconceptions about relationships
  • Basics concepts and terminology
  • What works and what does not
  • Authentic Communication
  • Negotiating Agreements
  • Concerns for Safety
  • Becoming fully present in your relationships

Introduction to Sacred Sexuality

What is the purpose of intimate tantric connection? How can tapping into kundilini energy heal and improve our relationships and our lives and deepen out connection to the Divine? In this basic introduction we will answer many of these questions and give an insight into different Sacred Sexual practices. Part lecture, part hands on practice.

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