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Khajuraho_TempleSacred Sexuality has it’s roots in ancient belief systems that teach the sacred and divine are in everything and everyone. The way to connect to the divine is not to rise above the physical body and physical world but rather to seek the unification of the spiritual and the physical. In Tantra there are the 64 arts some of which include music, dance, painting, sculpting and sexual union. For modern lovers Sacred Sex can help people to connect more deeply with themselves as well as with others. It matters not if you are seeking a spiritual connection with the divine through sacred love or weather you simply want to deepen your love and relationships, Sacred Sexual techniques and teachings can facilitate either or both.
There are many Sacred Sex teachings;  Tantra,  Quodoshka,  Taoist and many others. We work mostly with Tantric and Taoist methods of Sacred sexuality.


robyn-4AI began my journey into sacred sexual practices at the age of 18 when I was first introduced to Taoist methods and beliefs of sacred sexuality by a Taoist lover 11 years my senior. Thus began my study of the connection between spirituality and sexuality. It has brought me an understanding of myself and a deepening of my relationships I could have only imagined. I discovered it improves intimacy, connection, and pleasure both with myself as well as those I love.

I began teaching and Facilitating Sacred Sex workshops in 1998. My approach is a little different from other Sacred sex teachers in that I seek to move away from the polarization of what we commonly call the masculine and feminine energies and to integrate different types of energy within each person. I believe that genderization of emotions or energy such as compassion, aggression, empathy, caring, assertiveness and such into “masculine” and/or “feminine” qualities brings us out of harmony with our internal energy since “masculine” and/or “feminine” categories carry both negative and positive connotations. My approach is seeking a balance of energies within ourselves so we can create a harmonious exchange with our lover/s on a deep and satisfying level. I work with singles, male female couples, same sex couples, and polyamorous triads, quads etc.

Studying and working with Sacred Sexuality for the past thirty years has given Robyn a deep understanding of Sacred Sexuality. This lifetime passionhas given her a zest for love and life that drives her to share with those who want to take love, relationships and sexuality beyond the game playing to a dance of joy and experiencing the pulsing life of the universe.

Private Tantra session with Robyn (1.5 hours 1 to 3 people)
(Call for more Info for triads and more)


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