Polyamory is more than just a choice… It’s a relationship orientation.

RobBenChuyPolyamory is a one of my passions. As a polyamory activist and Director of Loving More Nonprofit, much of my time is focused on supporting people in polyamorous relationships, polyamory awareness and acceptance of polyamory as a valuable relationship and family dynamic.
What is Polyamory? (from the Loving More Nonprofit Website FAQ)
Polyamory refers to romantic love with more than one person, honestly, ethically, and with the full knowledge and consent of all concerned. Polyamory often involves multiple long-term committed relationships, either separately or together, but it can also come in many different forms. Some examples are:
  •  Open polyamory (committed open relationship or open marriage), in which the partners involved remain open to the possibility of additional loves and relationships;
  • Polyfidelity, in which three or more people commit to having a closed relationship with each other and not getting involved with anyone outside the group;
  •  Single polyamorists, who may have several loves without a primary commitment to any one person, and who may or may not be looking for long-term partnership.
I am polyamorous, currently I am involved in three romantic relationships. For me polyamory is an orientation hardwired into my very being. I have lived and raised children in a polyamorous family my entire adult life. I am a polyamory relationship counselor and facilitate workshops from  Polyamory  101 to advanced relationship skills needed for healthy relationships and love. Many of the articles I write come from a distinctly polyamorous point of view.
You can find polyamory information, FAQ, articles, videos and webinars on the Loving More Website.

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